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4kN tensile-, and compression forces as well as 1-18kN lateral forces depending on diameter and distance

Certified by the German Centre of Competence for Construction (DIBt (No.Z-21.1-194))


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Differentiation from existing products & techniques

Until now it was impossible to use one single kind of raw plug that can simultaneously carry lateral/transverse loads to re-anchor heavy weather shells. Moreover, current raw plugs do not allow retrofit additional elements (balconies) onto the external building structure.

The anchoring of the three layer plates (facade construction) in the past has been done using standard raw plugs available in the market. Existing raw plugs are not able to cover multiple defining areas simultaneously i.e. unable to carry lateral, transverse and tensile loads at the same time in combination and over larger distances and transferring the load securely into the load bearing construction. Additional problems were caused by the assembly, which was extensive or only possible through extra preparation with machinery.

refurbishment anchor weather shells anchoring refurbishment anchor natural stone facade


INNOFIXX dowel components




  • INNOFIXX can be used in reinforced, non-reinforced and normal concrete that is of minimum strength-class C20/25 and highest C50/60 after DIN EN 206‑1:2001‑07 "Beton ‑ Teil 1: Festlegung, Eigenschaften, Herstellung und Konformität".

  • INNOFIXX can also be used for multiple fixation for distance bridging in cracked and non cracked concrete for the transfer of lateral and pressure loads. The combination of the pipe sleeve with the fastening head, the head and the threaded rod, makes the raw plug perfectly fitting for pressure and lateral load carrying sub constructions.

  • Moreover the heavy duty dowel can be used for multiple fixings over long distance bridging in cracked or non cracked concrete to carry and transfer/distributes lateral, transverse and tensile loads. This is due to the pipe sleeve in combination with the fastening head, the head and the threaded rod.

  • In case standard fire protected pipes are used, the fire resistance time threshold for the dowel SFD is up to F90 when used with ventilating facades (at the same time with adjusted supporting profiles).

  • The installation of INNOFIXX heavy duty dowels with a diamond drill toll will decrease the assembly time further and at the same time increase the installation safety. High carrying loads are only dependent on the diameter of the pipe sleeve. The use of machines and hence the costs of tools are reduced. Various distances can be covered.


Facade dowel for ventilated facades. The product is a dowel made from stainless steal with a smaller diameter (Ø 12, 16, 20mm).

  1. Create a drill hole
  2. Clean the drill hole and check the depth
  3. Place the INNOFIXX heavy duty dowel in the hole and use a torque wrench to precisely apply torque to the dowel using the clamping nut. Hold the INNOFIXX heavy duty dowel while fastening with the drill tool. The expansion core will expand the sleeve that secures the dowel in the concrete.
  4. Mount the sub-construction of the facade
  5. Assembly any other parts of the sub-construction for facade re-anchoring
  6. Done!
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