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4kN tensile-, and compression forces as well as 1-18kN lateral forces depending on diameter and distance

Certified by the German Centre of Competence for Construction (DIBt (No.Z-21.1-194))


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The industry trade association FVHF reported that annually 6-8 million. m² ventilating facades are build in Germany alone and all German speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) combined 9 million. m². An explanatory model calculation on a ventilating facades showed that using the new heavy duty raw plug would result in actual costs savings between seven and 20 Euros per square meter. The faster mounting additionally means lower wage costs of one to two Euros per square meter. The reduced material and wage costs results in an area/surface price for sub constructions of 15 to 20 Euros per square meter. The heavy duty dowel, patented in 27 European countries and certified since 2011 to be used in Germany, can simultaneously support high vertical and horizontal loads to bridge large distances.


  • Creation of ventilating facades using raw plugs and carrying profiles of various cladding’s/covers like natural stone, ceramic, aluminum plates
  • Re-anchoring of three layer outer wall parts used for prefabricated buildings.
  • Re-anchoring of multi layer pre-constructed elements
  • Porches, balconies, loggias, emergency stairs, elevators on existing buildings without larger effort
  • Creating glass facades
  • Subsequent creation of carrying, from the facade hanging, bullet proof glass to secure the rooms behind without the loss of ventilation provided by existing windows.


  • Dowel manufacturers
  • Engineers and architects
  • Building material dealers
  • Manufacturers of substructures for ventilating curtain facades
  • Mounting companies for ventilated curtain facade
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