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4kN tensile-, and compression forces as well as 1-18kN lateral forces depending on diameter and distance

Certified by the German Centre of Competence for Construction (DIBt (No.Z-21.1-194))


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The Patent

The idea of a raw plug to bridge large distances along securing heavy loads came to construction engineer and expert  Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Heying a decade ago during the modernization of a hospital, where facade installations was impossible. »With the available raw plugs at that time it was impossible to attach the building parts necessary for the construction« remembers Heying, who was asked for his expert opinion on structural damage. This obvious problem required a solution and so the development started with practice partner Axel Herzsprung in 2002.

The patent for the heavy duty and facade raw plug was submitted in May 2002. In 2005 the patent was granted for 27 countries in Europe.

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